I’ve been doing search engine optimization since 2009. During 5 years I was working as a freelance SEO expert in the Russian-language segment of the Internet. Then I was working for 1 year in a company providing website development and promotion services in the English-language Internet.

When working for the SEO company, I chose my specialization as search engine optimization, technical site audit and developing recommendations on website improvement.

For the successful promotion of a website, regular technical audit is a must.

The key moments when a technical audit of a website is required are as follows:

  1. Audit before starting to promote the website. The goal is to make changes to the website that are necessary for the promotion to be successful.
  2. Audit after the changes have been applied. The goal is to check whether all the issues have been fixed and if new issues have appeared.
  3. Regular audit (once a month).

My portfolio contains quite a number of successfully promoted websites. There are successful cases of link building promotion, as well as content promotion without the use of link buying.

After performing the full analysis of your website, I’ll provide recommendations that will let you promote the website by yourself.

There are examples of website traffic increase after nothing more that elimination of the errors on the website. In those cases no specific SEO measures or other strategies were used.

I’m interested in different forms of cooperation. I can provide SEO recommendations to your technical specialist. Then I can monitor how successfully the recommended changes are applied. I can then lay out recommendations on further website promotion: choice of a promotion strategy, keyword selection, providing suggestions to the copywriters and content managers.

I’m also a web analytics expert. Web analytics is the tool that allows to evaluate how successful the website improvement process is, and whether the implemented changes make the website more user-friendly. Website’s usability and its ability to satisfy users’ needs are very important ranking factors. My passion is to eliminate the issues that prevent websites from realizing their full potential.

The hour of my work is cost $ 25.

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