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Extra mile for client
There is such concept called “extra mile” in the American language.

It is used, when it seems that you have already finished doing something, but you do not stop and do “extra mile”.

For example, the training on soccer has already finished, but you stay on to work on penalty kicks for half an hour. Another example: you have already done your homework assignment, but understood, that you have not mastered some things yet (and soon it will be necessary for you), and you continue to sit at the textbook to deal with these gaps in your knowledge.

If to speak snobbishly, then “extra mile” is what distinguishes successful people from ordinary.

There is such American saying:

Some people refuse to go extra mile, and then, when nobody creates a sensation on their birthday, it becomes bitter and offensive for them.

The approach: “I have done everything, leave me alone” is a failure. Both in respect of a profession and in the personal development plan.

If you render services, and even, let us assume, do it well, but do not do for your clients extra mile, then, if it is quite widespread service, the customer will give you up for the client, who does extra mile.

If you are a good specialist, and crowds of customers want to work with you, then permanent job over maintenance and pumping your skills will be your extra mile.

It was my traditional introduction, and now there is an example of similar approach.

Extra mile Wpengine

In a foreign Internet, there is such service as

This is a service of a WordPress websites hosting. However, they do not just host WordPress websites, but also develop additional specific features.

Specific features of this service are:

  • Daily backup
  • Firewall
  • Virus protection
  • Acceleration of website work
  • Done SSL and CDN
  • Automatic audits of pages
  • Two-stage authentication, etc.

This article is not a promotional material of this service. I just want to send a message, that it is normal service. You can read an article in English about their main innovations in 2016 by the following reference Innovations are serious.

They have smart affiliate program, $200 or 100% of each new client payment.

Wpengine price

Their traffic rate is high, they have 6,6 million visits a month.

Wpengine monthly traffic

In order that you get into the spirit of the successful American service, I suggest watching video about the employment process in their company.

One would think, everything is good: good team, good product, good technologies. The success is guaranteed.

And now attention! I have a question to experts:

Should the hoster care about the indexation of the client’s website?

The traditional answer is “no”. The hoster just provides a technological area to lay out the website.

They think different in Wpengine.

You will find the most interesting thing if you check the indexed pages on this website for the last days.

Wpengine new websites

At first sight, it can seem that they were cracked, and satellites were downloaded on subdomains.

Actually, they create a subdomain for each client, and from this subdomain there is 301 permanent redirect on the client’s website.

If you follow any link, then you appear not on a subdomain, for example – but on the website

In fact, each such redirect is a link from the main domain.

Look what characteristics this domain has on Ahrefs. The link from such domain will help both with indexation and with promotion.

Wpengine baclink profile

This link is an extra mile from wpengine.

Do not be lazy to do extra mile.
Good luck!

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