What Happens When You Write about Information Security

When I planned the launch of this website, I decided that the first published post will be very useful. And the first post which I published in my blog was called Information Security for Website Owners. It should be noted, that this publication brought a result, though, it was not the result that I expected at the beginning.

In the post, I gave examples of search queries by means of which hackers look for confidential information on the websites of the victims.

And the next time when hackers were browsing the Internet searching for the answer for these requests, they saw that someone in the post has revealed their scheme of work.

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Website Security Audit: 7 Ways to See the Website has been Hacked

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The Internet is a toxic environment. That is a fact. Toxic both for users and for websites. Terabytes of information and teaser ads come down hard on users from Internet pages.

It’s only aim is to suck you into a whirlpool of sales, for you to buy something, to subscribe, to share a link in social networks and become a figure in a column “coverage scope” of some SMM specialist.

The Internet is toxic for websites. There are always some saboteurs who are lazy to create ordinary websites to turn an honest dollar. So, they deploy viruses to websites, create mobile redirects and extraneous links. I manage a church website and I have lost count of how many times I have cleaned it from malicious scripts and links.

Not long ago I was conducting a promotion on website audit and during that time I made sure that informational security is an urgent matter. Saboteurs are watching.

That also matters website visitors (don’t visit fishy websites and follow suspicious links) and webmasters.

Further, I will provide several tips of how to investigate whether your website is compromised.

The search of signs the website has been hacked

1. Website Virus Check

The first thing you should start is to check your website on malware.
The most famous service for website virus check is SUCURI. You can also use this service to check your website blacklist status. After the check, you will see the following result:
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Infosecurity for Website Owners – 3 simple rules

If somebody asks me, what is information security or infosec, I would answer the following. The information security is when you don’t store confidential information at easily accessible places, either it’s your computer or the Internet.

There is a good saying: “The chain strength is determined by the strength on its weakest link”.

There is two simple security rules for the website:

  1. Don’t store a confidential information on the hosting.
  2. Analyze the pages, that Google index on your website.

And now let’s speak in more detail about these two rules.
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