How to monetize visitors that are leaving, Crazyegg tip

There’s a rather interesting service that will help you to analyze a website usability. The name of this simple instrument is

This service shows scroll and click map of the entire page and all its elements. The funny thing here is how the monetization is adjusted for this service.

In order to use a free month of usage you should connect a credit card. But the catch here is that when a free month expires the annual fee will be withdrawn from your credit card.

So, the user uses the service, the data is accumulating and the free month expires. The service doesn’t allow to disconnect a card. If you have added a card you can just replace it by another one.

So, there is no possibility to delete your card (in order not to pay money) and continue to use the service for free. The only way is to delete an account. But it’s so hard to delete an account, because there is a lot of information already collected. To make screenshots of all the data is also not the most convenient variant. Continue reading How to monetize visitors that are leaving, Crazyegg tip

How much does SEO cost 3$ or 150$?

As I know, the best promoted website for freelancers on the west at present is Upwork. In order to broaden my horizons, I decided to go there and check proficiency level of freelancers and clients’ demands. My prior attention was focused on analyzing profiles belonging to SEO specialists, which specialization  – Technical SEO audits.

Running ahead of the story, I will say that freelancers earnings start from 3$ to 150$ for a working hour. The minimum price is 50 times less than the highest price. I think there is no such price variation in Russian language Internet. There are no such cheap and so expensive SEO specialists. This is the distinctive feature of the western job market: wealthy and multifarious, with the army of Hindu, ready to work for peanuts and some real subject matter experts. Continue reading How much does SEO cost 3$ or 150$?

Instruction. What to Do If the Website Traffic Fell

Each marketing specialist faced a problem of website traffic falling from search.

Even the websites with original content are not insured from it. We wrote the detailed instruction by means of which you will understand the reasons of traffic falling and you will be able to correct it.

1. Look where attendance fell: on Google or Bing

Google or Bing

When traffic falls only from one search engine pay attention to observance of algorithms. Each search engine works at their own algorithms and your task is to follow them.
Continue reading Instruction. What to Do If the Website Traffic Fell