What Happens When You Write about Information Security

When I planned the launch of this website, I decided that the first published post will be very useful. And the first post which I published in my blog was called Information Security for Website Owners. It should be noted, that this publication brought a result, though, it was not the result that I expected at the beginning.

In the post, I gave examples of search queries by means of which hackers look for confidential information on the websites of the victims.

And the next time when hackers were browsing the Internet searching for the answer for these requests, they saw that someone in the post has revealed their scheme of work.


Spammers did not like this revelation, and they decided to do some harm to my website, in order that this website stopped its existence. Nobody knew how to secure the website against the leakage of confidential information.

So, what happened to my website and how did hackers decide to harm me.

Revenge for the truth

Their strategy consisted in spoiling the website karma, they posted spam links that led to my website on the hacked websites.

Also, it should be noted that it is rather experienced spammers. They managed to post several thousands of spam links.

And new links constantly increase. Here is data from the Ahrefs service.

audit4top spam baclinks

Practically all links have pharmacological, wild anchors. They absolutely do not use perfect anchor text. The purpose is to show that my website is promoted on the prohibited topic.

Spammy anchors

For persuasiveness, hackers made 301 redirects from 6 domains, which were promoted by this request. Hackers try to transmit bad reputation through 301 redirects from these domains to my domain.

And what is noticeable, these domains are quite popular. Their Domain Rating is from 27 to 46. In order to promote them to reach such indicators, it was necessary to spend time and money.

How enthusiastic they are about such nonsense!

301 spammy redirect

If hackers became so angry with me, my article about Information security is a really useful thing. I recommend you to read it and to share the link with friends who have their own websites.

What Happens When You Write about Information Security
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