Remove Outdated and Useless Content from Website: 2 Easy Steps

Search promotion of the website is an ongoing work. Only permanent job on the website improvement brings result in the form of a traffic growth, increasing the visitors’ experience on interaction with your website and leads to the stable growth of a traffic from search engines.

In order that the Google search engine raises positions of your website in search results, search bots should see that you work on improvement of all available aspects of your website.

In this article we will consider such aspect of Ongoing SEO as removal of outdated content.

Why is it necessary to delete outdated content?

Earlier, the algorithms of Google worked in such a way that badly optimized pages did not influence a karma or reputation of the whole website. Owners of the trust websites could not worry about having pages with the poor or outdated content on the website. The good karma of the website “elevated” such pages in search.

If your site will have a lot of low-quality content, then you can get google panda penalty. If this already happened, I recommend to order my google penalty audit.

Hackers tremendously liked to use this algorithm of Google. They cracked good authoritative websites, created the doorway on the website (pages on which the pharmacological or other prohibited medicine was sold) and these pages received good positions in search. And the owner of the website noticed nothing because bad pages did not spoil the general karma of the website.

Google has changed the work of algorithms, and now low-quality pages worsen a website karma. Therefore, you should improve pages with bad or outdated content. Or to delete them.

So, the page with outdated content is the low-quality page which is necessary to get rid of.

The content loses its relevance and it is the fact.

Any content becomes outdated and loses relevance, it is inevitable. Actually, there are not so many topics on which it is possible to publish evergreen content. The examples of the evergreen content are: “How to tie a tie”, “How many calories are in bananas”, etc.

In the majority of topics, the content becomes outdated. Of course, there is a number of pages on each website which do not lose the relevance: terms of use, privacy policy, page of contacts, etc.

Nevertheless, there are pages which lose their relevance and they need to be updated or absolutely deleted from the website.

How to define pages with outdated content:

1. Search of pages with high Bounce Rate

You log into Google Analytics, in the section Behavior-> Landing Pages and sort a column by Bounce Rate indicator. Thus, you get the list of pages with the highest indicator of Bounce Rate. In this list you can also find pages with the worst characteristics.

Landing pages in GA

Users who get on these pages obviously do not receive what they need, and leave these pages hastily.

If Google sees that your website does not satisfy the requests of users and visitors quickly leave it, then your website will go down in search.

Generally, you have a list of pages which are necessary to work with.

It should be added, that it is the most reliable method of detection of low-quality and outdated pages. Because only visitors know better what they want to find on your website.

If you will just delete all pages which were published more than 3-5 years ago, then you can accidentally delete pages which are still actual. So, using a method with Bounce Rate, you will delete pages which are definitely unnecessary, and your website will only benefit from it.


I know the case, when 70% of low-quality articles were deleted on the commercial website on legal subject (low quality was determined by Bounce Rate). After this the traffic of the website increased by several times. This fact confirms that the low-quality articles pull the website to the bottom.

2. Search of outdated pages by date of the publication.

The easiest way to find old pages, is a xml site map.
Here is an example of my site map (one of the pages of a site map).

Sitemap xml

The site map contains 2 columns:

  1. Page address
  2. Date of the publication.We copy these 2 columns and insert them in Excel. And then, by means of the Excel functions we sort records by date of the publication.

SEO in Excel

In such a way you will find the oldest records. Further you need to check these pages, whether they are useful to visitors or not. If they are not useful, and there is no opportunity to improve them, you’d better delete them.

3. Search of not unique pages with the duplicated content

One of the signs that the page is not qualitative is the duplicated content. There are many services to verify the pages of the website on uniqueness. I have one such favorite service. But it is in Russian language, therefore, I cannot recommend it.

You can use the service and make the list of not unique pages.

And now we approach the last point.

How to delete an outdated content?

1. First of all, you need to delete these pages from your website. It becomes simply if it is your website, then you are able to use it and will be able to delete these pages.
Further, these pages need to be deleted from a cache of Google.
The way to delete outdated content from a cache of Google.

1. You log into Google Search Console Google Index-> Remove URLs.
2. You specify URL which needs to be deleted, and click Continue.

Delete URL from Google

3. Select the item “Temporarily hide page from search results and remove from cache” and click “Submit Request”.

Submit request to delete URL from Google

That is it, in 1-2 days your low-quality page will disappear from an index of Google and you will improve a karma of your website.

If it is tiresome to you to be engaged in such boring work, then you can charge it to me :). The price for such a work will depend on the size of your website. One hour of my work can be enough for the small website. I am able to understand what content does well to the website and what content pulls the website to the bottom. To sum up – address me anytime!
Have a successful promotion!

Remove Outdated and Useless Content from Website: 2 Easy Steps
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One thought on “Remove Outdated and Useless Content from Website: 2 Easy Steps”

  1. I have created my website about four years ago. It became my hobby. At first, everything was ok, I wrote different articles and my website was popular. Then, time passed, I had a lot of work on my job and I had no time to devote it to my website.

    When I returned to it a few month later, it was poorly visited, even new articles and pictures couldn’t correct the situation. I started looking for a problem; it appeared to be connected with my content, many pages with outdated content on my website. So, when I fixed this problem, things started looking up.

    People, don’t follow my steps, watch whether you content is actual or not and get rid of outdated information immediately, it won’t bring happiness both to you and visitors of your website.

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