Reputation management in Internet for business needs, Example

There is such a service in the Internet: reputation management. There would be no place for this term in the ideal world, because the reputation cannot be winded up but only gained. You can operate some quadracopter or a character in some online game, but not the reputation.

Earn a reputation VS reputation management

Earn a reputation manipulate

The starting point for any jiggery-pokery is to prepare “the public opinion”. Under the guise of the public opinion (everybody does the same, are you hayseed?) people are sold a special public opinion. All the people are subject to a social instinct to some extent. That’s why these manipulations work.

These methods include fake articles in printed media and biased articles and comments in online publications.

Most often the instruments of manipulation are “rankings” and “statistic data” about peoples love to this or that product.

But there is one “problem”. The truth has the overwhelming power. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light (Bible).

So, there is a cloying website engine (started at 1999) for creating online stores

Besides, there are a lot of negative reviews about this engine in the Internet.

I provide some review screenshots from the website



Besides, there is a user happiness rate, where Volusion occupies next-to-last place among a great number of similar platforms with the total 16 points out of 100 possible.

Volusion - rating

You would say: this platform should probably concern how to improve their service or just close it. But they have chosen the third way: to convince everyone that they are doing great job and continue to provide their service and give bad time to their users.

The thing they are doing is just reputation manipulation. How do they do this?

Reputation management &manipulation

Search in Google: “volusion reviews” or “ reviews”.

You should understand, that this query is used by people who want to make a decision whether to use this platform or not. That’s why this is an important reputational question. In order to convince people in their professionalism they direct huge traffic to their website — This site is operating like a rank site for top ecommerce websites.

Reputation management - by Adwords

Of course, they take up the first place in this rating.


This website is deliberately created to imitate their good reputation. They increase incoming traffic by all possible means, including search promotion. This website is visited by at least 5 500 users every day.

Screenshot from Similarweb.

Fake rating

Reputation manipulation – totals

As I mentioned before, the truth is a compelling force. Despite of the fact, that Ecommerce continually developing, Volusion gradually losing its popularity. You can see changes in their popularity rate on the diagram. Still, they have a great benefit because of the fact that it’s not so easy to make a migration of a huge ecommerce website. A great number of audience is just afraid to move somewhere.

If they don’t do corrections of mistakes their descending ranking will fall to bottom.

Reputation management in Internet for business needs, Example
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