All rates affect analysis the following items. The higher the rates, the deeper I delve into all these points.

And this is not a complete list of items the audit. All sites are special, in terms of: technology, method of monetization and method of promotion. All sites are different from the point of content format, as well as the quality and quantity of content.

Each site is analyzed manually, taking into account its uniqueness.

  1. Organic traffic, keywords
  2. Paid traffic, keywords
  3. Backlinks analysis, backlinks opportunities.
  4. Site loading speed (desktop, mobile)
  5. Sitemap
  6. Robots.txt
  7. Indexed pages
  8. Addressation of all wesite pages.
  9. Redirects
  10. 404 pages
  11. Content duplication
  12. Metainformation
  13. Images
  14. Social media accounts
  15. Tracking services
  16. Design
  17. Internal links strusture
  18. Landing Page analysis. Tracking goals
  19. User experience analysis, using: In-Page Analytics from Google Analytics and Crazyegg services
  20. Onpage optimization
  21. Website code analysis.
  22. Drawing up a list of recommendations based on the analysis of the site.

1. Basic Analysis.

Price – 200$.

2. Advanced analysis of the site.

Price – 400$.

3. Profound analysis of the site.

Price – 600$.

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