Short website analysis, cool and not cool Furniture websites

not cool website
I open in my blog a new column with a short analysis of good and bad sites from different niches.

This time we will analyze the sites from niche Furniture.

Cool furniture store –

When you first visit the site, asked to provide an email address. This is a very good approach. In an email address and then you can send the information about discounts, furniture catalog.

Immediately it reported a large discount, which also attracts visitors.

Serena and Lily

In the header a good pop-up menu with subcategories and pictures. Pictures always attract more attention than just text.

Pop Up menu

In Product Pages have a number of advantages.

The specified price and discount. It is possible to choose the color of the goods. There is the possibility of making a quick purchase.

Product page

Not cool Furniture website –

The large front page slider. The slider does not fit on the laptop screen.

In the header, must be a phone number for orders. To be able to call and order a service or product. This is convenient for those who do not have time to search for something online.


In the slider a lot of different texts.

Slider-1 Furniture website

Slider-2 Furniture website

The home page should be one short text that describes the site. To people immediately understand what kind of website. And if a lot of different texts, visitors confused leave the site.

There is no description of the goods, the price is not specified. Price is one of the most important characteristics of the goods.

Product category furniture

Short website analysis, cool and not cool Furniture websites
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2 thoughts on “Short website analysis, cool and not cool Furniture websites”

  1. Thank you for this article! Nowadays, when anyone can open YouTube and listen to some lessons on website creating, it becomes more and more irritating to surf the internet. You have looked a few lessons and then you can tell: “I’m a professional. Why should I spend money on web designer if I can do it myself?” Oh, God! Then, when time passed, they wonder, why their sales do not grow. I have an answer: “Because your website drives people crazy!” To find some information on price, delivery or warranty, client has to look across every millimeter of the page or even better – “Ask your question in this form” or “Call this number”. It means, “I don’t need clients, if you can’t find necessary info, it’s your problems” …. Great! Stop creating crappy websites and let professionals do it!

    1. Thanks for comment. I agree with you. Now everyone has learned how to make websites. But not all sites are convenient to use. When people want their site to become more convenient, and improve their position in the search for Googles, they turn to me).

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