Short website analysis #2, cool and not cool hosting websites

Not cool websites
I continue the rubric of a short audit of sites from different niches. Now I did an audit of sites from hosting niche.

Cool hosting website –

It is best to run a short description of the services. And the short and simple call to action. It is well implemented on this website.

CTA button (call to action button) is clearly visible on the screen. This button has a good percentage of clicks.

Good CTA Button

Also, an important point is that the SEF button is located within sight of the first Screen. To get to the do not need to scroll buttons.

Good pop-up menu. There’s not just provides links to the relevant sections, but also the attractive promotions information.

Good pop-up menu

Detailed description of the services. Noticeable CTA button.

Noticeable CTA button

Simple and clear list of the motivational benefits of this service.

clear benefits of service

Another Cool hosting website Р

Show pictures of working people, small business owners, which are the target audience for this host.

Old woman foto

Pictures are always more attractive and recognized more quickly than text.

Promo pictures

Not Cool hosting website –¬†

A lot of the text. There is no clear and brief description of their services.

No clear and brief description of hosting services

Internet Services is a very general, vague concept. People need concrete, specialized services.

Not specialized hosting services

In the description of too many technical terms. Description is too detailed, it is possible to get lost.

Excessive description of hosting

CTA – button is located at the bottom of the page. To get to the buttons need to scroll through a long page.

Mega long page

Some people only look at the first screen. They will not scroll the page to the end.

That’s all. Do not make such mistakes for your business sites.

Short website analysis #2, cool and not cool hosting websites
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