Perfect anchor text, 150$ anchor advice

Hello, everyone. Krzysztof Furtak – the most expensive SEO specialist from Upwork.

Seo worker Furtac

Pretty nice to earn almost 20 000$ for 130 hours.

Now I want to show you several more screenshots to prove that he is a real expert.

Here is a screenshot from his profile on MOZ.COM. He has 713 points and 655 thumbs up there.

Moz profile Furtac

Besides, he has an expert certificate from link research service

Link Research

If you are not clued-in, this is the coolest service for working with links. When a cool/wealthy website gets some problems with Google filters wealthy owners go to and pay 10 000$ or more for disavow file.

To estimate this web-service scale, I recommend to check functionality in their pricelist — .

150$ anchor text advice

What is the essence of this 150$ advice you would ask and by what chance Krzysztof Furtak connected with it?


Once I’ve been reading a huge article from MOZ.

So, Krzysztof Furtak have left a comment below the original post considering the question of how to avoid Google filters.


According to his opinion, donor websites characteristics don’t influence much on Google’s decision to implement filters. To avoid filters you should use diversity of anchors. This is core of his advice. He wrote this comment long time ago, but I don’t think something changed from that time.

So, when you form an anchor list (and in life in general) be creative. Good luck and be happy! 🙂

Perfect anchor text, 150$ anchor advice
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