How much does SEO cost 3$ or 150$?

As I know, the best promoted website for freelancers on the west at present is Upwork. In order to broaden my horizons, I decided to go there and check proficiency level of freelancers and clients’ demands. My prior attention was focused on analyzing profiles belonging to SEO specialists, which specialization  – Technical SEO audits.

Running ahead of the story, I will say that freelancers earnings start from 3$ to 150$ for a working hour. The minimum price is 50 times less than the highest price. I think there is no such price variation in Russian language Internet. There are no such cheap and so expensive SEO specialists. This is the distinctive feature of the western job market: wealthy and multifarious, with the army of Hindu, ready to work for peanuts and some real subject matter experts.

There is one important detail. There is a lot of money on the western market, but you have to sweat blood to earn them. Check the number of working hours of top specialists.

As one immigrant has told:

If I work so hard at home as I do in USA now, I would also earn lump of money.

When I use the phrase sweat blood I’m talking exactly about freelance. Of course, there are a lot of magic topics about traffic arbitrage and doorways. But all of this is so ephemerous, that I don’t analyze it in this post, specifically as a way to earn money.

Let’s get back to freelancers from Upwork. I would divide freelancers into three categories: workhorses, specialists and web-studios. Of course, this is a relative division, but it would be suitable here.

1. Workhorses

When I’m talking about workhorses, I mean those, who are doing everything themselves. Such freelancers have up to 4000 working hours.

Here are they.
Hindu girl Raj Rani, who has worked for 1336 hours for 4,44 dollars. Her success rate is 78%.


Mukesh Kumar Senger has worked 2 437 hours for 5 dollars. The success rate is 91%.


But the next guy is not so lucky at the moment. He worked 106 hours for 3,3 dollars. His success rate is only 40%.


For you to get the idea about the success rate take a look at the following picture. The client hired him for 1 dollar, but his expectations were as if he payed him 200 dollars.


Nenad B. from Croatia appreciates his professionalism a little bit higher. He has worked for 1 538 hours for 25$ and his success rate is not bad – 94%. You would agree, that its more pleasing to work several thousand hours for 25 dollars rather than for 5$. Nenad is the winner in workhorses’ category.


Let’s get back to Hindu because they are in the majority here.

Ravi K. Worked 4 072 hours for 5,56 dollars, with the success rate of 98%.


Puneet Kumar worked 3 483 hours for 4,4 dollars, the success rate is 95%.


2. Specialists

I like this section most of all. To set a high price for you services, you need to have a good grasp of something and grow continually to stay in mainstream. Here is Alex Hurevich. He asks 55 dollars per hour and he has 2 628 hours of working experience. His success rate is 76%. Most likely he is Russian, because he has mentioned Russian language proficiency.


The next specialist is also Slavonian – Andrew Nurzhinskiy. He has mentioned speaking Ukrainian and Russian. His price is 75 dollars, 1 570 hours of working experience. His success rate is 95%.


Here are the projects that Andrew participates in.


UPWORK is happy to have such orders because it earns 10% – 2 500$. It’s not an easy thing. Andrew Nurzhinskiy is the winner in the category of specialists for me.

The next specialist is Krzysztof Furtak. He has the highest price – 150$/hour, though he does not have so many working hours – 130. The success rate is 88%.


This freelancer works with tasks like this: 2 000$ for 14 hours.


3. Web-studios

As I already mentioned, my division of these workers to categories is conditional. May be some mega workhorses are also present in web-studios list.

So, a team of cool workhorses under the direction of Rahul Khanna worked 7 469 hours for 5 dollars, and has 98% success rate.


Ahosan Kabri is a real killer. He has found coworkers and has 7 332 hours with the price of 10 dollars with 100% success rate. I think that Ingate and Demis workers don’t have such taught workload as these guys.

Ahosan is a good egg. At the same time, having a rather low price and a great desire to work he does not take up all the projects, but only those that he could finish successfully. That’s why he has 100% success rate.

I tried to imagine Ahosan’s psychological portrait. Most likely he had good marks at school, adored English and mathematics. Probably, he gets along with people, because his team has finished all the projects in time and with excellent marks. In the long run, Ahosan is the winner in the Web-studio category.


The same India, practically the same quality level, but the price is 22 dollars/hour. Probably Sachin D. has come to Upwork with a good experience, that’s why he evaluated the work of his team in 22 dollars. With this price, he has 1 622 working hours and 99% success rate.


The next is Aadil Sadiora with his assistants. With the price of 5.5 dollars they have 8 567 hours of working experience and 91% success rate.


The next team deserves special attention. With the price of mere 3.3 dollars they have worked for 7 703 hours. They have a good success rate of 92%.

This is a pure and simple dumping. If you hesitate whether to export your services to the western market be sure to make them of the highest quality and raise up your professional level continuously. You will not be able to compete in price with Hindu. Your high level of professionalism is the only chance to get through.


Concluding this all, we also have to mention about glamour Rahmana Rashid from Pakistan. Rahmana in cooperation with her team workers has 20 034 working hours with the price of 6 dollars. The success rate is 87%. Bravo, Rahmana.



  1. The main SEO outsource on the western market are Hindu, who can provide a number of descent quality services for a rather low price.
  2. If you want to become a freelancer on the western market – you have to become a professional in your field and set a correspondent price.
  3. Good luck. Love you job and grow in it.
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