SEO audit and promotion strategy for

1. Website indexing

In order to attract search engine traffic, a website needs to be done so that the site can be indexed. In this way QA websites attract search traffic.
Online only one page, and if you look at how it looks in the Google cache, we do not see anything. Since Google does not index Ajax.

Website index

It is necessary that each theme, each issue had his own URL address ( for example ), which could be indexed.

SEO audit and promotion strategy for

When this is realized, then we can begin to create SEO-optimized tasks. At the initial stage promotion of the site you need to create a SEO optimized tasks. Then these tasks will create your website visitors.

2. Keyword research for creation SEO optimized tasks.

Initially, you need to collect a lot of topics/keywords. And then check their rate and competitiveness. To decide what keywords use to create a tasks.
There are several ways to search for trends that you can use to create applications.

2.1. Search suggestions on Google.

SEO audit and promotion strategy for

For topic – “The Weather Channel Uses Augmented Reality for Safety Demonstration”.

2.2 Keyword research by

That’s what we find

SEO audit and promotion strategy for

Perhaps good choice will be “how to get the job of your dreams and pass interview”

2.3. Ahrefs – content Explorer

With this service, we can find out what are the popular posts about this topic. It can give us ideas for tasks.

SEO audit and promotion strategy for

You can looked closely at these articles to learn which search terms people use to find these pages.

SEO audit and promotion strategy for


SEO audit and promotion strategy for

2.5. Google trend

SEO audit and promotion strategy for

Next you need, from a list compiled key request, we choose the most suitable. Based on their competitiveness and their frequency.

3. Promotion strategy

Necessary to create such problems/tasks for which solving work entire community.

If we create a task: “how to create cheap solar panels”

Then link to this task will be possible to publish on numerous community dedicated to environmental protection. Like – .

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